The Best Way to Make Money Online At Home

In Describing the best way to make money online at home… I will always give it to you in ‘fact like’

details so that you can reference my writing as we go along. I have given you in my past posts, the results

of my living research journal into how many individuals have become quite wealthy through this



I have also documented precisely the best way to make money online at home in detail how this actually

takes place. I have demonstrated that many of these programs do work… although not always with the

most complete of directions… And, that some of the programs are far too technically advanced

for any ‘newbie’ to ever hope to profit from.


I consider myself more of a ‘Professional Internet Marketing Research Analyst…. I actually enjoy

spending countless hours researching these programs, and directing massive traffic to them while

recording the results. Be it curious by nature or whatever, it has become a very profitable hobby. Let me

first tell you, there a tremendous amount of people that are successfully earning aggressively from their

kitchen tables… than you may think.


The Best Way to Make Money Online at Home


The fact of the matter is, they don’t go around broadcasting it. Well… in a way they do… Let me explain.

They are broadcasting it in a way that purposefully reaches their intended audience… Those of like

minds, and are interested in this medium.


They typically enjoy their personal home spaces, and/or are addicted to exotic travel.

They  -> Leverage YouTube and  Create -> Ultra Profitable Social Media Platforms as outlets.  They

automate email marketing using -> autoresponders and rarely need the use of a telephone.


However, they remain extremely connected, with a fully engaged network of associates. Most of whom

the connections are made, to mutually grow businesses. I have given you the the best way to make

money online at home and in which most  ‘Internet Marketers’ have started. Most start with learning the

basics as I given you.


The exponential growth of the internet has allowed individuals to reach a tremendous amount of people,

and growing in reach everyday! If you are savvy, and have the right training you create incredible global

reach. You can place one little ad, or promotion,  and design it to potentially be scene by millions…would

you agree?


So, lets take that concept and allow you to have a product that you literally can sell as many units as your

ability will allow. In that, you have a marketing platform and the product is in great demand. The

products I personally have found, to be most worth my time are = > Applied Cash Flow. Quite simply the

easiest way to develop a -> Online Seven Figure Business and the best way to make money online at



The math dynamics are correct in that the profit analysis in leveraging the internet, makes it easier than

ever to develop and grow such an enterprise. I have always been the one whom finds the ‘hidden

diamonds.’ And the best way to make money online at home is really no different. In fully leveraging =>

The Applied Cash Flow System I rely heavily on email marketing. I never do any cold calling,

telemarketing or reaching out at all for that matter. And…I have a steady stream of leads that flow in

24/7. I can temper the amount of leads I want on an everyday basis, there-by basically dialing in my

daily income! If I get overwhelmed, I just simply scale back. If I want to dramatically increase my

income, I simply scale up.


the best way to make money from home vs


The old Network Marketing approach to marketing was that 50% of marketing activities created almost

zero yield results. The problem was that nobody knew how to calculate which 50% created the results

needed. Today there is no doubt that with utilizing email marketing,   your return on investment – ROI

is mathematically higher than most other marketing activities.


There are websites which offer email marketing ROI calculators such as,

and These use readily accessible data such as campaign preparation costs, buying

email lists, sending expenses and comparing the totals against the response rate and the conversion rate.

A conversion is the when a responder converts into a customer and buys. This a convenient approach

when you are selling simple products. But for most of us,the best way to make money online at home is

not so simple. There are many intangibles and immeasurable in  an email marketing campaign; image,

customer retention, and possibly technical updates. Where email marketing campaigns excel are in the

analytics, which can be collated each time.


All email sending platforms can provide feedback on how many:

  • Recipients opened their email
  • Bounced or unsubscribed
  • Clicked on a social media ‘like’ button
  • Forwarded to a colleague


The email sending platform that I personally use for the best way to make money online at home is, one

of the more advanced email marketing platforms available. It will store the time each recipient opens

their email and  it will detect certain recipient patterns. It will send my email messages at different times

to determine  and to optimize the opening rate.  For example if Mr Smith usually reads his email around

7.00am with his coffee,  while Mr Jones around 1:30pm with his lunch,  the platform will send Mr

Smith’s at 7:05am and Mr Jones’ at 1:35pm. Frightening, when you think about it…


Actually, the best way to make money online at home can even be more sophisticated. If you monitor

which messages are read by which people you can fine tune your messages to be shorter  so that people

only receive the types of, and length of messages which they like to read. If you place an ad in a magazine

you will know the circulation numbers of that magazine and these numbers are usually audited



But it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of that type of marketing campaign. Printed magazines do

not have ‘click-through’ monitoring. In general there is an increase in sales after in intense advertising

campaign. This you can measure better if you include vouchers or coupons which provide proof of where

the customer saw your ad. Email campaigns are not like the 9 o’clock news, which you will watch even if

there is no important news. If you bombard your targets with time wasting broadcasts, not only will they

not read them, they will psychologically downgrade your image.


Don’t just send an email because you have to, end one because you have something of value to share. I

teach, the best way to make money online at home and to maximize the profits with  => Applied Cash

Flow that headlines are the single most important part of any marketing document, be it an email, a

sales letter, squeeze page or paid advertisement. That’s because the headline is your first and only

opportunity to capture the attention of the prospective customer.


If you headline fails to make an instant, immediate impression upon your reader, they will stop reading

further and probably are lost to you forever. The best headlines – those that grasp your page visitor by

the lapels, shake them up and refuse to let go – share three common traits.


If you ensure that your headlines always includes these three qualities, you can attract a greater number

of prospects to spend more time with your copy and enhance your chances of converting them into a

long-term customer, which is the ultimate objective of any marketing document.



Clarity Is King

The first and most important quality of any great headline is that it can be immediately understood by

anybody who is reading it. The more clarity a headline has, the more appealing it will be to page visitors.

If your headline is in any way ambiguous, confusing, or doesn’t provide a clear and concise message that

can be grasped instantly, it is going to turn readers away in droves.


Clear, easy to understand headlines should be as specific as possible. Remember, the people who are

landing on your pages or seeing your ads are looking for solutions and answers. The last thing they want

to do is to spend more time trying to figure out what is meant by an ambiguous or uncertain headline.

Be as clear as you can possibly be.




Headlines Have Two Parts


The most effective headlines have two parts:

The headline itself and the sub-headline, also known as the “sub-head”. 


One way to think of it is like this:

The headline is the bait that gets the prospect  in the door and the sub-head is what you use to hook  them in so they will keep reading.


A clear and concise headline is critical, but by itself it usually is not enough to fully engage the reader.

It needs help – in the form of a great, informative sub-head that boosts the clarity the reader gets from

the headline.




The sub-head acts to reaffirm the reason why your reader has landed on your page or looked at your ad

in the first place. It should set the stage for the story your content is about to tell them. The Best

Headlines Include Numbers. There is a whole body of research that proves that people using the Internet

are astronomically more likely to click through on a headline that includes a number than one that

simply includes words. This has something to do with the way our minds are wired.


Numbers express certainty,  they subconsciously tell the reader that there message expressed in the

headline is based on substance and fact,  so people seeking solutions or answers online are naturally

more attracted to headlines that include numbers than they are to just words. The numbers you put in

your headlines can  include all kinds of figures, including percentages, the amount of things on lists, time

measurements, and so on:


“3-Day Free Trial for All New Subscribers”

“Top 5 Ways to Shed Weight Fast”

“Increase Sales by 30% in 30 Days Using This One Weird Trick”


Generally, the number will be in the main headline rather than the sub-head. But the information in the

sub-head should support  whatever number you include in the headline. These three qualities are so

widely used that headlines  that don’t include them are often perceived as  jarring or off-putting – and

usually fail to convert. Successful marketers understand what works and what doesn’t,

so they gravitate toward the tried and true in order to maximize their results.


If you keep your headlines clear and to the point,  include sub-headlines that support the primary point

of the main headline, and include numbers to give your headline substance and authority, you can

exponentially increase your conversion rates regardless of what type of marketing document you are

using. To learn the best way to make money online at home like these techniques for improving your

over-all profitability…Stay Tuned !!!



I feel “The Best Way to Make Money Online at Home”

is to first…

=> Identify Information Products with Evergreen Niches. Evergreen niches are described as those that

will never grow cold. They mostly include products that offer immediate solutions for nagging problems

that can seem to never truly be solved, or where there will always be a lot of fresh new customers look or

shop for them.


Now, once you have carefully identified an specific evergreen niche that you will be motivated and like

working in, the very next step is to find a brand specific infoproduct like : (Applied Cash Flow) that has a

huge amount of potential and or prospective customers to serve. To better simplify this task, to find the

best way to make money online at homeyou can use a number of free search and logistical tools provided

by Google.



Perform a Thorough Product Search…

The very best free Internet tool is the Google Search. Here you can take time and learn which products

that are within your chosen niche are hot right now. In other words, it will tell you the specific best way

to make money online at home info products that have the potential greatest number of prospective




Where Exactly to Find High Demand Info products…

I personally like the The Amazon Bestsellers page which is another great tool for  finding tangible niche

products with high demand signals. Plus, while you are there you can enroll in the Unique Amazon

Associate’s program and promote many of the best way to make money online at home products offered

on Amazon  as affiliate products on your own web pages. When you actually enroll in the the best way to

make money online at home program, every time somebody clicks through from your page to Amazon

and buys that particular product, you then make a sales commission. A few other places to look for super

hot products within your niche are the Alexa Internet “What’s Hot” page and of course eBay Pulse.



Niche Statistics for Info products…

The Google Product Search tool and Amazon Bestsellers are a really great way to find out which type of

hot best way to make money online at home info products people are looking for right now. But that only

gives you only half of the information you will need to make your decision about what certain info

products you wish to promote. The next step is to compile statistical data so that you can make an

informed decision.



Using Google Keyword Tools…

You can find statistics on individual info products within a niche by using the free Google Keyword Tool.

Start by entering some generic product niche terms, such as “dating and relationship products”. You will

then get an idea of the sort of terms and the best way to make money online at home items people are

searching for in that particular niche.



Sources for Niche Data…

One of the best places to find statistical data on your the best way to make money online at home niche

to determine its popularity is Google Trends. This page shows you whether or not a niche is seasonal or

whether it is an evergreen niche that has more long-term earning potential. For example, the free Google

Trends tool will show you that “dating and relationships” is an evergreen niche, while searches for

“bouquet of a dozen long stem roses” tends to peak around Valentine’s Day.



How to Find Products with Maximum Earning Value…

Once you have found evergreen niches that have lots of potential customers, the next step is to find

individual info products within those niches that prospective customers are anxious to buy. To do this,

you have to have websites where we can browse affiliate info products.


  • Clickbank for digital info products
  • Commission Junction for digital info products
  • Market Health for health info products
  • Amazon Associates for all kinds of info products as well as physical products
  • the best way to make money online at home


Given the vast amount of information we all encounter in our everyday lives, there is a daily information

overload that prevents us from processing what we see and hear efficiently. Information marketing

refers to the process of resolving this problem by making it easy for people to get to the information they

want asquickly and efficiently as possible.


It features products that are created once and then sold many times. These products — known as “info

products” – include such things as books, eBooks, DVDs, video downloads, workshops, MP3s, the best

way to make money online at home, audio downloads, slideshows and many other info products.



Why Information Marketing…?

One of the biggest benefits of information marketing is its extremely low startup cost. In most cases, you

can purchase your the best way to make money online at home original info product for very little

money, modify it and then resell it many times over.



Challenge of Information Marketing…

Perhaps the hardest part of information marketing is determining what the best way to make money

online at home info products to sell. Obviously, you want to sell only those info products for which there

is a high demand. If there are a lot of customers who want the kinds of info products you sell or promote,

you have a much better chance of driving strong sales and high profits than you would if there were only

a few customers looking for the types of info products you sell.



Choose Familiar Products…

It’s important to choose info products with which you have some familiarity. This will make it easier for

you to talk about them with your customers. If you aren’t familiar with your own the best way to make

money online at home info products, it’s likely that your customers will sense this and stay away.



What Are Information Products Worth…?

Another important factor is assessing how much money you can make from a particular info product. If

your profit margin is low, you are going to have to see a lot more the best way to make money online at

home info products – and work a lot harder – just to hit the minimum revenue targets you set for

yourself. So the ideal info product has a broad customer base, is something you are familiar with, and

has a high profit margin.


Identifying the Best Niche…

How can you find those kinds of info products to promote? The first place to start is to determine is your

niche. A niche for an information info product is a market that is a subset of the larger market that

focuses on one particular type of info products. Popular niches include such things as weight loss info

products, the best way to make money online at home info product is aimed at sports fans, or info

product s related to relationships and dating. Mass market products are the opposite of niche market

info products. Niche markets are more like specialty stores – such as stores that sell tires and other auto

parts – compared to mass markets stores that sell a little bit of everything, such as Kmart or Sears.



Narrowing Your Scope…

By choosing to promote the best way to make money online at home info product s and services within a

particular niche, you can develop an area of expertise. This makes you more authoritative to your

customers, so they will be more likely to believe in what you have to say. Niche markets also allow you to

focus on a specific group of customers. For example, you can build your the best way to make money

online at home Internet marketing business around only those people who are interested in info

products within your niche. Identifying a niche makes creating an Internet marketing campaign easier

because it narrows the scope of your efforts, making them much more manageable. The term ‘Multiple

Streams of Income’ is thrown around in this industry o much that it has become passe.


Many ask how to manage several opportunities at one time effectively. The best way to make money

online at home discussion takes us to a more logical decision to do this, rather than to not -the more you

examine it. When investing for the long term many people choose to invest in mutual funds rather than

in just one or two stocks. This is very wise as it spreads your risk, as economies and buying trends

constantly change.


I prefer to have a well managed portfolio of the best way to make money online at home opportunities

rather than just relying on the performance of one. How do I do this? I use the tried and tested approach

of the assembly line. We are all familiar how Henry Ford used this method many years ago to help

revolutionize the production of automobiles. I start with the research of a product or program by

personally testing it. I purchase every product I am interested in re-selling or endorsing as if I were my

own customer. I follow all of the given directions and record the results in terms of ease of use and ROI.

If the product/program seems to be too difficult for the average person with basic computer skills I note

that and continue. I then move the best way to make money online at home product/program to my next

‘station’ to promote it.


This would involve all of the suggested advertising methods. I again track the realized revenues or the

lack there of. The final station is where I attack the product with every known free and paid traffic

method on the planet. I again note the results and determine whether or not the program is worthy, in

terms of time and resources needed to create a suitable profit. The more difficult a make money online at

home program is to operate translates into the more customer service I will have to attach. Meaning

personal attention to training as I provide full support for anything I promote-personally.


In conclusion, If I am endorsing a program/product – I have personally tested it and have found the

results to be positive financially.


Henry Ford did not build all the cars himself and was aided by a team. I employ help to manage my

assembly line and line up of programs as well. This is the only way I feel this is done effectively.

Attaching my brand to a make money online at home program or programs means something more than

just attempting to collect more checks. I have in my prior posts given much instruction as

to dominating affiliate campaigns.


I still have the best way to make money online at home campaigns running on a daily basis as well as my

other functioning domains as properties of eCommerce. Each of them requires that I tweak my

advertising just a little bit …on a daily basis.


Maximizing their net potential profits becomes… a nervous task that I feed my ‘OCD.’ My latest the best

way to make money online at home Pay Per Click campaign is no different. Improving the profitability of

Applied Cash Flow  has seemingly benefited many.


As promised I have set up a turn-key system for others to follow that I am proud to say has worked out

very well. To introduce a made for you business system including lead generation tools is… unheard of

typically. In being totally honest it was the best way to set this up. Rather than having to field endless

phone calls, my team is directed to  the the best way to make money online at home website.


I try to save the time spent with explanations that actually require more detailed answers. The fact of the

matter is, this system is just so easy the phone calls are always very short and information is traded

sufficiently So to those of you that want a simple and easy to set up online presence, I wouldn’t hesitate.

I now have actually suggested that many of my friends and associates use the the best way to make

money online at home system as a pension alternative or as a way to retire early.


I looked recently at how my Mutual Fund is performing. I am not really disappointed, however I can’t

say I am not really impressed with the rate of returns either. Sure I could listen to another ‘investment

fund’ broker’s pitch, and I probably could realize higher returns with a more aggressive investment

strategy. This all at a price as we all know…a risk of safety to capital. When I was growing up, I learned

from my parents the ‘sweat equity’ style of building a profitable real estate portfolio. The older I get, the

more I see the value of their given wisdom. So if I had the chance to create a similar scenario…

I am recognizing it as the best way to make money online at home or The Applied Cash Flow Platform.


I see that this is now actually going to be far less costly than I had originally estimated. This is because

success can be created very quickly using methods that are very inexpensive, although very effective.

Blogging everyday is what sets the wheels in motion, and then to engage into a few other very routine

promotional efforts is all that is needed. I was already blogging (Brian M., so that being a ‘

no-brainer’ and the other best way to make money online at home promotional activities are extremely



These only include the distribution of information and content through-out the various social media

platforms. Rather than do this myself I will out source it as I did when I was in the bar business or if you

are the type that likes to do it yourself…well, there are additional operating expenses you can enjoy.


The fulcrum of the best way to make money online at home platform would start with  a  Mega – High

Converting Landing Page I am not the type of person whom likes to spend hours on the phone so an

automated email contact management system will solve that. I believe I have figured out a way to fully

automate the best way to make money online at home whole system. With the tools given by Applied

Cash Flow and the little research I have done, the dynamic qualities of the internet makes this a perfect



The most intricate and expensive feature in developing the best way to make money online at home is

a web presence is the science of producing an un-ending source of fresh leads. The the best way to make

money online at home Applied Cash Flow ‘techies’ handle this as cost added. The the best way to

make money online at home system does work as it is marketed. Not to mention the distinct feature of

having a Live – Chat feature that your leads can have access to a staff of seasoned professionals!

I can give you the keys to the best way to make money online at home kingdom. They’re waiting for you

when you CLICK HERE: I have been Dominating the best way to make money online at home

Network Marketing world for some time Now…


Traffic and Massive Leads
  • Free reports. Whitepapers, e-books, articles, and guides are some of the most common lead magnets. Be sure to provide compelling best way to make money online at home information to make a valid value exchange between your prospect and your business.
  • Coupons and offers. These are especially important in retail, because consumers can easily price-shop for products. Remember, people respond to relevancy, so a targeted offer to a segmented list is most effective.
  • Podcast. Establish yourself as an expert in your the best way to make money online at home industry and push out content. Doing so will differentiate your business from the competition.
  • Creative forms. Maximize the effectiveness of simple contact forms by using them to showcase your company’s personality. Be conversational and inviting to your audience.
  • Loyalty programs. Highlight the best way to make money online at the benefits of becoming a repeat customer. Offer something exclusive, such as priority registrations or speedy checkouts.
  • Bonus. Reduce purchase anxiety by adding value to the transaction. For example, offer free two-day shipping or a buy-one, get-one-free deal.
  • Free education. Never underestimate the power of the best way to make money online at home content. Be your prospect’s go-to source for quality education and information.
  • Limited-time free trial. Give the best way to make money online at home prospects the opportunity to experience the benefits of your product or service. Hopefully, they will realize they can’t go another day without it.
  • Membership. Make the best way to make money online at home prospects feel special, invite them into your VIP group, and give them free information so they feel a part of your club. Loyal fans and followers have the power to convert others.
  • Gate pricing and other information. If your goal is to target the best way to make money online at home hot leads, hiding your pricing behind a form can be an effective tactic. The form will help filter out unqualified leads, and capturing their information will help you follow up with targeted prospects.
  • Assessment or test. Encourage prospects to measure themselves against your expertise or industry standards. That will be your opportunity to give feedback the best way to make money online at home and ideas while prospects determine their need for your product or service.
  • Demo. Introduce your the best way to make money online at home offering and demonstrate its capabilities.
  • Online seminar/webinar. Deliver content quickly via a free, interactive the best way to make money online at home webinar.
  • RSS feed. Stay in touch with leads via your blog; offer the best way to make money online at home RSS feed that they can subscribe to.
  • Email Series. Set up an automatic email or direct-mail series that will gradually lead your prospects through the sales cycle. A  best way to make money online at home drip sequence of educational emails keeps your business top of mind with consumers.

Proven Email Marketing Concepts…

Emails are short and to the point, so every word and every line counts. Most people receive dozens, if not

hundreds, or emails every week. So to make sure yours get noticed, you want to use the most effective

best way to make money online at home methods to make your emails stand out. This can mean the

difference between them being opened or deleted without being read.



The Subject Line

The first thing most people look at on an email is the subject line. Here is where you should offer a very

brief “bullet point” description of what the email message is about. Most people will only open a small

percentage of their the best way to make money online at home emails. So if you leave your subject line

blank, or use a description that doesn’t grab their attention, your message will probably never be read.



Great Subject Lines

Subject lines should be both brief and specific. You should limit them to no more than a dozen words at

most. Avoid using bombastic, superlative words such as “incredible,” “amazing,” “sensational,” and other

adjectives. These types of words scream “spam” to most people. Instead, you want to educate your

intended reader rather than trying to impress them and you are more likely to have your the best way to

make money online at home message opened.



Who’s Getting the Email?

On the “To:” line, you should list the actual intended recipients of your email. On the “CC:” line—which,

incidentally, stands for “carbon copy,” a callback to a time when people used carbon paper to make

multiple copies of the same paper memo — you should list secondary recipients, such as those readers

who may find the content useful but aren’t required to act on it.


The third line is “BCC:”, which stands for “blind carbon copy.” These are readers who will receive the

email without their addresses being see on the copies sent to recipients listed under the “To:” and “CC:”

lines. This lets you send copies of the best way to make money online at home email to people such as

your boss or human resources if you are sending sensitive the best way to make money online at home

or disciplinary emails to your subordinates.



The Salutation

If a salutation is used at all, it is typically listed as the first line of the email. Salutations are such things

as “Dear Friend,” “Gentlemen,” The best way to make money online at home or “To Whom It May

Concern.” It’s actually left over from old-fashioned handwritten letters. Usually, except for special

circumstances, it is not usually necessary in an email. Whether you use a salutation and/or the type of

salutation you use ultimately depends on the circumstances of your email and the requirements of your

work environment. Emails should convince readers to take some sort of action, whether it is to sign up

for a special offer or respond with specific information. The purpose of your email is its the best way to

make money online at home Call to Action (CTA), and it should be clearly stated as unambiguously as

possible within the body of your email.



Getting The Correct Information

Most people find the best way to make money online at home emails to be an inconvenient yet necessary

part of interacting with other people online. So they don’t have a lot of patience for emails that are long

on content but short on substance. To connect better with your customers, make sure they get to the

point quickly, use brief sentences or bullet points whenever possible, and clearly state your CTA so that

your readers understand your intention as quickly and clearly as possible.



Every Word Matters

Given the short attention span and impatience of email readers, you have only a few moments to get the

point of your email across. That means ever word has to count. Good persuasive writing understands

what motivates the reader. As you compose your the best way to make money online at home email,

consider what your readers want when they are reading it. Convince them that their best interests are at

the heart of the email.



Call to Action

You must be very clear about what you want the reader to do, when you want them to do it and why they

should do it, especially in light of how it benefits them. It’s best to give your readers a motivation to

follow your CTA by always explaining exactly what’s in it for them.



Proving High-Value Content

When people read your the best way to make money online at home email, they are giving you both their

time and attention. Respect the value of each. Make it worth their while by providing high-value content

that includes information they will actually find useful. Delivering high-value the best way to make

money online at home content can increase the chances of their opening and reading future emails that

you send.


Remember, you don’t always need to be promoting or selling products or idea in your emails.

Your readers will be more likely to open your future emails if you give them something of value, such as

how to do something or important facts and information they can use.



Making an Emotional Connection

If you want to build loyalty in your customers, you need to find a way to connect with them on an

emotional level. Sharing a personal story is a great way to do this. People love the best way to make

money online at home stories and are more likely to read to the end of your email if there is some

personal lesson to express or point to be made.


You also can add to the value of your the best way to make money online at home emails by

including details about your personal life, your family, your career, education and other experiences.

That way, readers will genuinely care about what you have to say.



How to Sign Emails

The person getting your email already knows who sent it because your email address and name are listed

in the “From:” line. But the email signature gives you a chance to provide more information about

yourself, such as your full name, title, street address, and office and cell phone numbers, all of which is

useful the best way to make money online at home information to share with your recipients.



Signing Off

If you are including an email signature, use sign-offs that are friendly yet professional. These include

“Best,” “Sincerely,” “Warm regards,” and “Continued success.” In business emails, avoid sign offs that

sound overly familiar or using slang, such as “Talk at you later” or “Chat with you soon.” If you want to

use an auto signature of your actual signature, that’s acceptable but not really necessary. If you want to

include it, you will have to scan your signature and add it to your auto signature button.



Now Let’s talk about social updating…

I’d like to provide you with 4 tips on how to run the best way to make money online at home social

updating the right way – making your subscribers happy, satisfied and asking for more.

Nowadays all the companies have Facebook pages, Twitter channels, …and accounts on other social

networking platforms – all this helps to stay in touch with as many subscribers as possible. But it’s so

easy to annoy or scare your fans and virtual friends, so I have prepared 4 tips on how to update your

the best way to make money online at home social networking accounts and pages.


1. Be informative. Provide your subscribers with the best way to make money online at home

content you like and think useful. We all know how we like how-to, tricks’n’tips, and other interesting

types of information. This is the best content to update your social networking accounts with.

2. Discuss. It’s not enough just to post content – you need to reply to the best way to make money

online at home comments and discuss the topic with your fans, subscribers and virtual friends. They will

ask you for more information, they will have questions – and your job is to provide them with answers.

This is how you personally deliver value.

3. Traditions. We all like traditions! . Traditions are what unites us and what make us different. You

can hold some weekly or monthly contests with your fans, do something together. This is one of the best

ways to make actual friends out of your “virtual friends”

4. Don’t parrot. Too many the best way to make money online at home posts, repetitive posts and

re-posts are the 3 horsemen of ‘SMM Apocalypse’. It’s so easy to annoy your fans and friends. They will

stop following if an info overload occurs. Be human – post interesting info when it’s necessary.

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In conclusion;

I like social media as a part of my total the best

way to make money online at home media promotion circle.